Wednesday, September 12, 2012

11 Sept 2012 ~ A Watercolor and a Photo

These are both also posted on my regular blog if you'd like to read more about them!

11Sept12 Watercolor sketch
Watercolor a week ~ 11Sept2012
A view of the changing aspen in Rocky Mountain National Park

Autumn Leaves in Rocky
11Sept2012 ~ Photo A Day
Changing Leaves in Rocky Mountain National Park

And catching up with a few more:

Thomas napping
Photo A Day ~ 30Aug2012
Thomas Napping on the sofa.

Robert Thompson Craftsmen work
Photo A Day ~ 31Aug2012
Some favorite souvenirs from my trip.  Pebbles from Iona and Tintagel, Mouseman carvings from Kilburn, Yorkshire, England.

Mollie Kitty surveying from the heights
Photo A Day ~ 1Sept2012
Mollie Kitty surveying the townhome from the heights.

New Sewing Machine!
Photo A Day ~ 2Sept2012
New sewing machine!

Sewing bags
Photo A Day ~ 3Sept2012
Putting the new sewing machine to use by sewing a set of shopping bags for my son.

Mollie and Thomas
Photo A Day ~ 4Sept2012
Mollie Kitty and Conrad in the living room.

Chocolate Hazelnut Mouse
Photo A Day ~ 5Sept2012
A chocolate hazelnut mouse ~ a gift from my daughter and her fiancee.  Yummy but almost too cute to eat!

House Hunting
Photo A Day ~ 7Sept2012
House hunting

Beatrix Potter Books
Photo A Day ~ 10Sept2012
Beatrix Potter books on my bookshelf ~ a growing collection!